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Useful books and journals

BRIGGS, Susan "Those Radio Times" (Weidenfeld and Nicholson) ISBN 0 297 77929X
Social impact of radio

BUSSEY, Gordon "Wireless, the crucial decade 1924-34" (Peregrinus) ISBN 0 86341 188 6
Technical and social developments

CONSTABLE, Anthony "Early Wireless" (Midas Books) ISBN 0 85936 125X
Largely non-technical, concentrating on very early receivers

DALTON, W M "The Story of Radio" 3 vols (Hilger) ISBN 0 85274 241X
Mostly technical developments

HAWES,Robert "Radio Art" (Green Wood) ISBN 1 872532 29 2
Cabinet design

HILL, Jonathan "The Cat's Whisker" (Universal Books) ISBN 0 905368 46 0
Technical and social developments, superb illustrations

HILL, Jonanthan "Radio! Radio!" (Sunrise Press) ISBN 0 9511448 1 2
Excellent resource of illustrations and technical material for set identification

STEIN, Mark V "Machine Age to Jet Age" (Radiomania Publishing) ISBN 0 9647953 0 2
Guide to US table top radios 1933-1959

THOMPSON, J "The Services Textbook of Radio" (HMSO) 2nd Edition 1963
Volume 3 - theory of valves

Journal -
The British Vintage Wireless Society Bulletin ISSN 0955-9345

Journal -
Radio Bygones (Wimborne Publishing) ISSN 0956-974X